Make-up travel around the world

News: from August 27, 2010 I’ll be an ambassador jury member for the World’s first online make-up competition. Check it out!

On 28 & 29 November 2009 I gave Make-up Workshops on behalf of Face & Figure models magazine, during their Event at ‘Beursplaza’, World Fashion Center in Amsterdam.

The pics from the event are coming soon. Below you can download the Interview published by Face&Figure magazine recently in their “Model Guide 2010″.


New: Download here (part of) Face & Figure, Model Guide 2010,interview with Alexander - Dutch version, PDF 4.97 Mb (English version Pdf 74.5 Kb), published by Models magazine “Face & Figure”, special issue made for - and given to - all visitors of their Event at World Fashion Center in Amsterdam…

New: Download here the Interview with Alexander - PDF (Noordhollands Dagblad, 16-10-2009, Dutch version).

From 2d of May, until 1 of October 2009, I traveled around the world as a make-up artist, doing photoshoots with the photographers and models all around the world. A whole journey took about 5 months. That was my first World Travel. My second world travel is already being planned, thus there’s a lot in a pipeline at the moment.

On this website you’re more then welcome to read my diary and view the pictures during that trip, daily and/or weekly.

model naomi

Now that I’ve got 3 series of vaccines cocktails, I’ll take it easy for a month or two, then there is the idea to do a “mini trip” through East, South-east Europe, including Serbia and Russia, for a period of 2 or 3 month.

After the summer 2010 I’ll do my 2d world trip, so I’ll once again need to fix the world travel ticket and found someone whom I could rent my house… my highest priority at this moment is finding the right photographers and models whom I can have photoshoots with while underway.

Keep tuned!
Greetz, Alexander Vidakovic

Photo by Henk Roeters Photography
Model Naomi, hunter woman (


Make-up (& photoshoots) tour around the globe

Are you a photographer or a model from: Finland, India, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Brazil Spain or Belgium… who would like to invite me - as a make-up artist - for TFCD photoshoots, please send me a message, so I can plan the first part of the trip.

Before you invite me for the shoot, perhaps you’d like read my professional and some additional info first.

model rose

Photo by Michael-fotografie
Model Rose.M.

What can you expect from me?

If you think I ask too much, then read and consider very carefully these lines:

  • I will do the make-up for your model(s) for free, and with the same quality I did on the photo’s you can see on this page.
  • I will write about my visit (to your home and the studio) and describe our shoot on this website and perhaps in a few magazines as well.
  • I will publish your photo’s on this website (also mentioning your copyright as a photographer and models’ portrait rights as well), so you’ll take a risk of being famous ;-), or at least get a lots of positive attention world wide.
  • I will place permanent link to your website (so you’ll get loads of visitors) for free! And with permanent I mean: your link will still be here also after my journey!
  • I’ll also place your link on my: Easy Makeup profile (can’t guarantee this one shall remain permanent though).
  • A lots of fun, because I’m fun to be with.