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Jul 27 2010

World’s first online make-up competition!

Category: Make-up, PhotographyAuthor: Alexander, @ July 27, 2010, 8:53 am
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Recently I’ve got an e-mail from Faceup1.com, global beauty competitions network. They asked me if I’d want to be an ambassador and jury member for their challenging “World’s first online make-up competition 2010″.

Makeup Artist of the Year

To begin with, it’s well known fact that these kind of Makeup Artist of the Year competitions normally get held either live or in fashion and beauty magazines. So, this is the fist photo contest of it’s kind - and as I’m an open minded person and love all kind of pioneers work and challenge, I naturally said: yes! As the matter of fact, I feel honored they asked me.

This is what the organisation says about the make-up competition itself:

Our mission is to step the beauty profession up the 21th century using the
internet, as the possibility of today’s communication. We offer a new
opportunity for both the competitors and the active partners of the contest,
the participating schools and the media.

The essence of the global make-up competition is that the contestants’
creativity, art work can be free, over time and space, without any limits. We
offer possibility to the talented make-up artists, too, who live far from the
capital and the fashion centers, to whom live in villages and till now not have
possibility to demonstrate their knowledge to wide audience. This is a
competition where anything can happen. You can win and get world fame!

Competition deadline

The official competition entry / registration deadline is: August 27, 2010.
Update: The (new) official competition entry / registration deadline is: Monday, September 27, 2010!
You can apply this contest in 3 categories: “Amateur”, “Artist” and “Master”.

First online make-up competition.

Competition make-up challenge

Finally, I have to say this: either you’re a photographer, model, (student) make-up artist or just a regular visitor of this page… please spread the word. Encourage the make-up artists friends and colleagues that you know, to enter this competition challenge, send their artistic photo and win the price!

To give you an idea about the competition fairness: the members of the jury (like me) can see only the photos, all other competitors data remains hidden until the final result. Until the winners are known… which sounds pretty fair to me!

For what it’s worth, from my insiders source (let’s keep this as our secret, alright! ;-)), I already know, that there are at this very moment competitors from: Argentina, Colombia, Sweden, Poland, South, Africa, Germany, USA, France, Mexico, Romania… who already sent their art works - but unfortunately - there are no registered competitors from Netherlands yet. Be the first! Win and be the Makeup Artist of the Year!

So, if you like this whole idea, please help me a little. Share it on your (Facebook, StumbleUpon, MySpace, or any other) wall, spread the word among your friends, re-tweet it, write on your website about it - and eventually shout it from your roof.. As an ambassador and a jury member, I take my task seriously. You might also want to subscribe my newsletter if you want to get instantly these kind of articles in your mailbox as soon as they get published… Thank you!

Also, don’t forget to let me know under comments bellow, what you think about this idea, of an online make-up world competition? What are to your opinion pros and cons of such online challenges? What would you expect from it? Etc, etc.

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